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Lessons learnt

Humberside police, the Local Authority and the NHS Clinical Commissioning Group are the three statutory partners of the Hull Safeguarding Children Partnership. Emphasis is placed on these three agencies to come together in equal partnership to plan, implement, train and develop staff and services that will safeguard the children and young people of Hull.

Together, we form the Learning Hub and are based at Midmere Centre.

The Hull Safeguarding Children partnership presents us with a range of opportunities, for all partners in safeguarding, to be innovative and facilitate improvements in our safeguarding arrangements.

The Learning Hub are given their priorities for the year by the Executive Board, and by working alongside our safeguarding champions and engaging with children and young people we will develop realistic, appropriate and timely child focused action plans to develop services for the Children and Young People of Hull.

These priorities will change each year and reflect areas within the partnership that require additional planning.

The priorities for this year are –

  • to understand and utilise thresholds when making, receiving and acting upon referrals
  • to use effective multi-agency working to identify and reduce risk
  • increase the recording of management oversight and decision making

The Learning Hub will be holding a series of briefing events throughout the year to engage with all services via safeguarding champions, stakeholders, and Children, young people and their families to realise our ambition that Hull is an inspiring City, whereby it is safe and healthy to learn, play, work and live. Where children, young people and their families can make healthy lifestyle choices, be safe from harm and have the confidence to be ambitious and achieve their aspirations.